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Eco Partnerships


Cranial-8 is currently seeking the following eco partners:

  • Principals -Manufacturers of Semiconductor & Passive / Electromechanical Components
  • HVAC control system designers
  • Graphic designers and web specialists
  • Regional Sales Managers for GTA and Quebec (see careers page)

Please provide details of the discipline or service you offer in message body

For specific job postings please consult our open positions page

Business Eco System Definition

The concept of a Business ECO System first appeared in Harvard Business Review in May/June 1993, and won the McKinsey Award for article of the year. Moore wrote:

An economic community supported by a foundation of interacting organizations and individualsthe organisms of the business world. This economic community produces goods and services of value to customers, who are themselves members of the ecosystem. The member organizations also include suppliers, lead producers, competitors, and other stakeholders. Over time, they co-evolve their capabilities and roles, and tend to align themselves with the directions set by one or more central companies. Those companies holding leadership roles may change over time, but the function of ecosystem leader is valued by the community because it enables members to move toward shared visions to align their investments and to find mutually supportive roles.

The ecosystem concept is widely used by Cisco Systems Inc throughout the world. The company leverages partners for all business functions except developing core products and business strategy. Partners support sales, marketing, manufacturing, technical support and new installations. This scalable business model allowed them to rapidly adapt and expand based on customer demand without slow, capital-intensive investments.

SOURCE: Wikipedia