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Cost Effective GPS Modules for the North American Market | GPS Modules | Kim Sartorius

December 2016
By Kim Sartorius – Yuechung International Corp. (YIC), a leading supplier of GPS and frequency control modules, has just released a test report for its YIC51009EBGG-33 GPS & GLONASS Receiver Module.

The report provides designers of GPS systems a quick and easy way in which to verify performance of the GPS module. It details the test methodology, test equipment used and ac/dc performance results.

The YIC51009EBGG-33 module measures 10.1 x 9.7 x 2.5(H) mm, contains a MediaTek chip, and is available with a UART interface. The report shows a typical GPS cold start time of 16s and 1s for warm start. GPS power consumption, with a passive antenna, is 53mA and 43mA for reacquisition and tracking respectively.
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About the author

Kim Sartorius

Kim is responsible for consultative sales at Cranial-8. Providing a valued link between Canadian OEMs and Cranial-8’s internationally recognised component suppliers. Kim is a PMP Certified Project Manager with an HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Kim has held a variety of sales and project management positions, having worked at SenStar, Siemens and Schneider Electric in Canada.



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