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Supplier Portal

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Cranial-8 recognized that the “one size fits all” mentality offered by traditional Manufacturers Representatives (MR) no longer matches the needs of a growing number of component manufacturers: in particular those organizations in start-up mode, in transition or with specialist portfolios.
Organizations such as these can ill afford to be number six on a long line card. These organizations need mind-share, focus, technical support and perhaps easy access to marketing services. In effect a seamless extension of their own organization.
Equipment manufacturers also want more from the MR. More than just a seller of components but a real support service that helps them design superior products and get to market faster. By offering a consultative design-in service Cranial-8 helps improve and accelerate the adoption rate of its Principals products and services.
With a performance driven sales and marketing team, complemented by engineering and project management skills, C-8 is well equipped to provide sales and marketing support for a wide range of high-tech products and services across a all main industry segments.
Flexible solutions for your business needs

Designed specifically for the realities facing the Hi-Tech industry of today, Cranial-8 offers a broad range of services from marketing support, Market Communications (MARCOM), and business development in addition to the more traditional manufacture representation sales services.

  • Sales Representation
  • Field Application support
  • Market Communications
  • Product Marketing Services
  • Market analysis / studies
  • Technical Documentation & Reference Designs
  • Sales Collateral and Channel Training

Understanding business imperatives

At Cranial-8 we recognize the tough realities of today’s market environment.

At Cranial-8 we recognize the tough realities of today’s market environment.
A lack of great technology is not the problem. Issues are often softer in nature: reaching account decision makers, developing deep and meaningful relationships or the challenge of getting beyond tire kicking to real revenue.
Developing a performing sales and marketing team takes time and money. Time and money are not in easy supply and organizations often delay for fear of making the wrong decisions.
By outsourcing some or all of the Sales and Marketing function you can accelerate your efforts, investigate multiple markets gain immediate access to much needed expertise and penetrate new accounts -in short get to revenue faster and at lower risk.